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With RebarCAD, rebar detailing and bar listing has never been easier.

Building on the success of RebarCAD we have added RebarCAD 3D for Revit to enhance the placement, annotation and bar marking of reinforcing steel within 3D Revit models

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“Harris Rebar has been using RebarCAD as its main detailing software since 1995. In RebarCAD, CADS had the most feature rich software, much more than its nearest competitors. We felt that RebarCAD would help us hold the lead over our competitors and that CADS was the vendor more likely to develop its software at a fast rate, therefore helping us stay ahead of our opposition."

John Harris, President

“The versatility of the RebarCAD program is only further complimented and enhanced through the CADS support system and training orientation."

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“RebarCAD software is the best tool on the market for detailing reinforcing steel. Other rebar software companies have knocked on our door but there is still no equal."

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