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Software piracy

CADS cracks down on cracked versions of RebarCAD

Consumers who purchase cracked versions of RebarCAD and the recipients who choose to use companies or individuals with pirated software face many risks, including receiving an incomplete or tainted version, or a version that may contain multiple viruses. In addition, acquiring pirated software can open up the users’ computers to hackers.

Imagine what would happen if a job is detailed on cracked software, resulting in costly errors or, even worse, the building falls down? Who do you think they will sue? Who will they collect from, an unlicensed user or the business that uses them?

The risks and exposure to criminal charges or civil litigation from using pirated software is very real. When products are obtained from alternative sources at a price that simply sounds too good, it probably is. The only way to ensure peace of mind is to either buy a legitimate license from CADS USA or call us if you have any concerns or suspicions.

CADS has formed its own investigative audit team at the request of many customers who are tired of competing with those companies whose overhead is drastically reduced by using unlicensed software. Not only does the use of unlicensed software impact CADS, it’s breaking the backs of legitimate customers who are just as sick of unauthorised use as we are.

CADS is currently conducting audits at suspected sites and, in some cases, we have requested a self-audit report when the strength of our investigation produces overwhelming evidence. A cooperative effort is our first and recommended choice to stop unauthorised use and collect only what is owed to us. However, we all know that some will resist and risk the criminal or civil consequences. We are suing those who choose to run, hide or barricade themselves from the audits; thus far, we have filed few lawsuits but, at the same time, we have converted many sites from using unauthorised versions and collected back charges.

Our audit team is just one example CADS doing the right thing for its customers and the industry. Support this effort by reporting unlicensed use. Encourage those who have chosen the wrong path to call us so that we can set their record straight.

Ian Chambers
International Sales & Marketing Director

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