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RebarCAD is a global player in the truest sense of the word. International versions for North America, India, UK (CADS RC) and South Africa have seen the adoption of RebarCAD / CADS RC across diverse worldwide markets. RebarCAD / CADS RC is often the default choice for many international and prestige projects, the software having earned its reliability and consistency credentials.

Many international consultants have set up detailing divisions in India and CADS India can provide CADS RC / RebarCAD to enable detailing to international codes.

In the USA RebarCAD has grown to become the dominant bar bending schedule software and rebar detailing software for US rebar fabricators. CADS RC enjoys similar prestige in the UK and has been used to detail everything from the Crossrail project to the award winning Blavatnik School of Government in Oxford. Working with standards organisations across the world has enabled us to both contribute to detailing codes as well as ensure our software meets the latest requirements.

Standards and Codes*

British Standards
BS 8666:2005 (ISO 4066)
BS 8666:2000
BS 4466
Indian Standards
IS 2502: 1963 (Reaffirmed 1999)
IS 13920: 1993
North American Standard (ACI 315-99)
South African detailing standards (SABS)

*Multiple and/or separate licenses may be required

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